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IB Biology: Aims and Objectives

the aims...

  • provide opportunities for scientific study and creativity within a global context which will stimulate and challenge students
  • provide a body of knowledge, methods and techniques which characterize science and technology
  • develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesize scientific information
  • develop experimental and investigative scientific skills
  • encourage an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and the overarching nature of the scientific method.

the objectives...

  • demonstrate an understanding of: scientific facts and concepts, scientific methods and techniques, scientific terminology, and methods of presenting scientific information.
  • construct, analyze and evaluate: hypotheses, research questions and predictions, scientific methods and techniques, and scientific explanations.
  • demonstrate the personal skills of cooperation, perseverance and responsibility appropriate for effective scientific investigation and problem solving.
  • demonstrate the manipulative skills necessary to carry out scientific investigations with precision and safety.
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