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Elementary School Weekly Highlights
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Elementary School Weekly Highlights

October 4, 2011

Dear Parents and Students,

September was a very busy month in the elementary school, with students and teachers fully engaged in the learning process. Evidence of student learning is apparent around campus, but perhaps, most visibly, on local television! We are very proud of a group of eleven Grade 5 students who accepted the challenge to develop and share a new invention on the Thai TV program “World Why Wit.” This popular kids program is aimed at teaching children how science is applicable to our daily lives. Its educational programming allows students to learn how to become creative thinkers through scientific reasoning, which is exactly what our students did to prepare for their TV debuts! The program is scheduled to air on Thai PBS channel on Saturday, October 15 from 8:30 – 9:00am. I hope you’ll join us in tuning in to watch RIS’ young scientists and inventors at work!

This was such an exciting event for us. The process started in early September with a phone call from Ms. Sudha asking if we’d like to select students to appear on TV for a science demonstration on the theme of “Invention and Gold.”  Mr. Randy, our science and math coach, and I brainstormed how we could pull this off since we only had one week to do it. What brave 5th grade students would be interested in being on TV?  What students could plan an invention in less than one week? We went to our 4th grade team and asked which current 5th graders would be great scientists based on their work ethic and passion for science in grade 4. In addition, the students needed to be bi-lingual, as the show was being filmed in Thai!

Teachers brought together a group of potential participants and we presented the challenge. Out of a group of eleven kids, all eleven enthusiastically agreed to work in teams to design an invention involving gold, all in one week’s time. It was with overwhelming excitement that all the students decided to take on this educational endeavor.

Through hard work, revision, reflection, and a great work ethic we arrived at success! The students came back to school prepared with scripts, prototype projects and teamwork.  They worked throughout the week touching base with Mr. Randy and myself to work on presentation. Truly, the ESLR of Collaborative Contributor was evident. These kids had to work respectfully with others and actively do their part in a team. It was REAL WORLD work for these students.

On the day of the filming, Mr. Randy and I could not have been MORE PROUD! Amidst all the excitement of lights, cameras and microphones, the presentations literally brought tears to our eyes. Watching these students pull all their knowledge, both academic and social, together was truly a highlight of my educational career. Congratulations to the scientists, listed below, who presented their inventions! We look forward to watching the program on October 15!
1. Chayapa (Pea) Poovapat     Gr. 5-1 (Mrs. Irene)
2. Jack Sawangsamud       Gr. 5-1 (Mrs. Irene)
3. Tonghatai (Jointjoy) Aiemsakul     Gr. 5-2 (Mr. Patrick)
4. Wilawan (Singrhu) Poltanawasit       Gr. 5-2 (Mr. Patrick)
5. Papitchaya (Sydney) Kiatkamolwong     Gr. 5-3 (Mr. Mitch)
6. Voraya (Wow-Wow) Vorapanyasakul      Gr. 5-3 (Mr. Mitch)
7. Pansit (Fong) Chenananporn          Gr. 5-3 (Mr. Mitch)
8. Pawin (Bush) Towiwat      Gr. 5-3 (Mr. Mitch)
9. Athiwat (Earth) Pathomtajeancharoen     Gr. 5-3 (Mr. Mitch)
10. Jirawatchara (Jack) Tanthiptham     Gr. 5-4 (Mr. Matt)
11. Kantabhjat (Boom) Pimolsaengsuriya     Gr. 5-4 (Mr. Matt)

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Randy, Ms. Dhra, and Ms. Mee for their collaborative work to help facilitate a successful television presentation.

Thank you,


Ms. Toni Boush
Elementary School Principal

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