Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The goal of the Performing Arts is at RIS to provide students with a variety of opportunities to explore and develop their creativity, imagination and self-expression. Students at every level of our school have opportunities to perform on stage. Whether in Drama, Choir, Band, Orchestra or Dance, students are encouraged to experiment in a variety of instruction and performance experiences through Lower, Middle and High School.

RIS promotes the development and refinement of practical skills, techniques and knowledge. There is a constant commitment to maintaining a balance between the process of creating, rehearsing, performing and responding to a wide range of themes, context and styles. These meta-cognitive activities nurture the effective work habits of curiosity, risk-taking, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Students present their skills and knowledge not only inside, but in many different events outside of the classroom. From concerts, charity events, Drama and Band Days and Camps. To have a firsthand experience in the Performing Arts means students have an opportunity to learn not just theoretical aspects, but also to experience the joy of performance and appreciation of the Art.

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