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2021 HS Band Concert

featuring the HS Jazz Band, Symphonic Ensemble & Concert Band

A message from Ms. Claudia Schmitz, RIS MS & HS band teacher: “We are so excited to share with you the recordings we made at the end of last semester! It was an extremely challenging semester for all of us with lots of uncertainty and changes throughout.

“These classes were only in person (at most!) for 12 class sessions before our recording sessions. The after-school ensembles (Jazz Band and Symphonic Ensemble) only met four times before recording! We are so proud of all they have accomplished this semester and look forward to seeing what they will accomplish the rest of this year.”


Jazz Band – ‘The Chicken’ (00:00)

Symphonic Ensemble – ‘Ancient Echoes of Time’ (03:19)

Concert Band – ‘Electricity’ (06:36)

Concert Band – ‘Groovee’ (10:54)

RIS High School Band Teacher: Ms. Claudia Schmitz

Students in Jazz Band: Bank, Fortune, Gino, Ivy, Kan, Krit, Nana, Neui, Nikki, Palm (8th grade), Pat, Phoom, Ryo, Tara, Tee, Tun, Victor / Soloists: Phoom, Victor, Kan

Students in Symphonic Ensemble: Alex, Amy K., An An, Andy K, Angie, Beam, Beem, David, Dews, Fang, Gavin, Gino, Ivy, Jaeyoon, JaJar, Jihun, Kayla, Kris, Lisa, Min, Nana, Nick, Pam, Parisa, Peemai, Piano, Seoyoung, Stella, Su Jee, Ting

Students in Concert Band: Achi, An An, Chane, Chon, Clairissa, Degen, Diamond, Gino, Jaeyoon, Kaka, Kelly, Kevin, Latte, Max H., Max S., Nikki, Phoom, Pol, Porsche, Preme, Pun-Pun, Ryo, Sara, Shizen, Sun, Ton Nam, Vij, Vin, Walee (with grade 8 guests: Aiko, Inle, Jotun)