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4th Grade Marketplace Project

4th Grade Marketplace Project

By Nicki Ruthaivilavan

In a recent social studies unit, 4th grade students developed basic economic principles and entrepreneurship skills. After conducting market research, the students worked in teams to make a business plan and develop a good or service that would meet the needs of their target audience. Through this experience, the students learned about marketing, loans, profit, and charitable giving.

On the day of the marketplace, business was booming! Consumers (parents, faculty, and students in other grades) enjoyed a range of products including DIY cell phone covers, slime, handmade notebooks, comics, drawings, and plenty of delicious homemade food and drinks, from pancakes and cookies to smoothies and snow cones! The 4th grade students earned almost 16,000 baht from the sale of their goods, all of which was donated to the Soi Dog Foundation.Previous

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