RIS is located on a beautifully manicured 29-acre clean-air campus with separate buildings for elementary, middle school, and high school. The facilities at RIS allow our students and teachers the tools and resources they need to make the most of their learning, including a vibrant performing arts program and a comprehensive athletics program with over 60 sports teams.  As well as our purpose-built facilities highlighted below, our students enjoy art studios, choir and music rooms, two large multipurpose gyms, two full-sized covered gyms, squash courts, and PE classrooms. Students boarding at Seelos Residence enjoy private or shared college-style dorms and access to all the campus has to offer.

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Fitness Center

The Phoenix Fitness Center is our newly remodeled gym where HS students and staff can work out using any of the cardio machines (stair steppers, treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowers, and stationary bikes), free weights, weight machines, and CrossFit area, all while listening to music through our state-of-the-art speaker system.

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Football Fields

RIS has two multipurpose regulation-size fields. One is a FIFA-approved artificial turf used for both 11-a-side football and rugby. The other is natural grass field large enough to fit two regulation-size football pitches as well as a smaller pitch and is used for PE classes, softball, archery, rugby, and ultimate Frisbee, among others.

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RIS boasts two exceptional, recently renovated pools: Phoenix pool measures 25m x 50m—officially Olympic size and concurrent with FINA standards; Godbout pool is our shallower 25m pool, that’s filter system was upgraded to an automatic salt-chlorination system. Phoenix pool has seen major upgrades, including a special PVC lining, starter blocks for both short- and long-course events, a synthetic rubber pool deck, a state-of-the-art LCD scoreboard, and a timing system with highly sensitive touch pads. Sails, extending across the entire pool, provide shade to keep the water, deck, and viewing areas cooler.

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Yoga Room

The yoga room is not only the ideal space for students to practice yoga and mediation, but it is also used for many other activities, such as dance, aerobics, kickboxing, and CrossFit. The room can accommodate up to 24 participants and includes mats, blocks, and straps for yoga and TRX, as well as boxing bags, blockers, and gloves for kickboxing. Adjacent to the yoga room, a tranquil lounge allows our students and faculty to relax and prepare for their mindfulness practice.

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Tennis Courts

Our two tennis courts have recently been resurfaced and are popular for students of all ages, from our tiny beginners to successful Varsity team players.

Griffith Library Circle


Our two libraries contain more than 100,000 print, electronic, and audiovisual materials. Along with this rich variety of materials, each library is supported by a knowledgeable, certified librarian and staff, and has been thoughtfully laid-out with spaces for quiet studying and reading.  

  • The Elizabeth Library (Elizabeth Library Catalog) caters to PreK–grade 5 students with books and resources on topics ranging from general interest to contemporary popular fiction. ES students are encouraged to search for engaging books at just the right reading level to support their literacy development.
  • The Griffith Library (Griffith Library Catalog) serves grade 6–12 students, with well over 50,000 books, 70 periodicals, and multiple online resources that span an enormous range of fiction, nonfiction, and reference materials.
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Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Our 300-seat, tiered Performing Arts Center (PAC) is where RIS students proudly present their band, choir, drama, and musical productions. The PAC is also the ideal space for showcasing student and faculty talent shows, the annual Easter and Christmas performances, and the always inspiring TEDxYouth talks. Besides the main stage, the PAC also features mirrored practice rooms and two large dressing rooms.

Culinary Arts Teaching

Culinary Arts Center

Our new Culinary Arts Center is a state-of-the-art kitchen where students can learn everything from basic culinary skills to how to prepare a complete meal. The space is equipped with 6 cooking stations, each with an oven and a cooktop. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops allow for easy, hygienic cleanup. The PA system, with its recessed ceiling speakers, ensures that instruction and guidance can be heard in this 155m2 open-plan room. Also featured is a spacious teaching station where instructors gather students to demonstrate techniques, monitor practice, set up ingredients, and offer tastings.

School Clinic 2

School Clinic

Our School Clinic offers on-campus healthcare services to the entire school community. The Clinic’s registered nurses assess medical needs as they arise and determine the best form of treatment, whether that be administering care in the Clinic or recommending that a child be sent home or to the hospital if more urgent care is required. The Clinic staff also maintains medical records, monitors students with medical conditions and allergies, and liaises with families to administer prescribed medications. RIS provides flu vaccinations each year, and nurses also screen regularly for colds, flu, and other contagious diseases. Clinic staff also provide first-aid care at sports events and school functions.



Our extensive canteen offers an array of different food options from western to traditional Thai dishes. Students and faculty use their school ID cards to purchase their snacks and lunch each day, although students in PreK 3–grade 1 eat in a separate canteen and have a set menu. As well as providing a smaller, more familial environment for our younger students, this ensures that the children establish healthy eating habits. Students in grades 2–5 have the option to order the set lunch or buy food in the canteen. All sections have different lunchtimes to ensure safe, efficient and attentive service to our school community.

Thomas Cafe

Thomas Café

One of two cafes on campus, the new Thomas Cafe is open 7:00am–4:30pm, Monday to Friday and on Sunday from 9:30am–12:30pm for Thomas Church parishioners. The cafe is a hub for parents, students, faculty, and staff, with its contemporary decor and comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. It’s a welcoming space to grab a light lunch or to collaborate with a colleague while enjoying one of the many tasty coffees, teas, cold drinks, pastries, or ice creams.

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MS MakerSpace

The MS MakerSpace is a collaborative workspace where students and staff are encouraged to explore, play, learn, and build on new or previous ideas. The flexible, contemporary workspace is also used to hold workshops and offers support for classroom and EDP projects. With its tools and building materials, 3D printer, and electronic components, the MakerSpace is one of several places where students can choose to spend their lunch or milk breaks exploring their own interests while being engaged in creative, hands-on activities.

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Ceramics Studio

In the spacious ceramics studio we have 10 potter’s wheels, 2 large electric kilns, and plenty of table space for students to explore a diverse range of creative techniques, from sculpture and handbuilding to glazing and decorating. The ceramics studio is the ideal space for young artists to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills that are vital for today’s 21st-century learners.

Recording Studio

Recording Studio

RIS is one of the only schools in Thailand with a fully equipped recording studio. Featuring top-end digital-recording and sound-editing technology and supervised by trained staff, the studio is used to make professional recordings of music classes and choirs, as well as high-quality recordings of students’ modern language oral exams for external grading. A sound engineer also offers an EDP course in the recording studio that covers the basics of audio production, including microphone technique, digital audio editing/mixing, audio for video, and electronic music production.

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab

This sole function of this space is for students to explore their creativity. They can work together, in or out of class time, and use different types of materials to develop innovative devices and experiment with all sorts of tools, including 3D printers, motors, actuators, and microcontrollers with a range of sensors. Students can also build robots, both for fun in robotics class or to compete in VEX robotic events. You may even see the odd indoor drone maneuvering around the room. Many students just like to hang out in the room to collaborate on assignments or workshops. The HS Technology club also meets here and has a significant input into how we develop and use the space.