Ruamrudee International School will be known globally as a hallmark of international education, nurturing intellectual development, moral character, and physical well-being, while fostering compassion through action and shaping the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.


Ruamrudee International school is a Catholic school that provides an interfaith, inclusive, and academically rigorous education for students to be balanced, successful, and compassionate individuals.

OUR PRINCIPLES (Principles of Phoenix a.k.a PoPs)

Ruamrudee International school Bangkok, Thailand

Our Board

Board Members

Rev. Fr. Apisit Kritsaralam, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Fr. Steve Wilson, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Fr. Wirach Amonpatana, C.Ss.R.
Dr. Suvarn Valaisathien
Mr. Phrommes Bhaholpolbhayuhasena  
Mr. Chih Huang
Mr. Robert Golding


Rev. Fr. Yuthana Sriprapha, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Fr. Picharn Jaiseri, C.Ss.R.
Rev. Fr. Davidjieng Ketsurin, C.Ss.R.
Mr. Daniel Smith
Dr. Charles Henn

School Calendar

With 1,200 students and 160 teachers participating in over 100 programs, there’s always something happening at RIS. These calendars will keep you up to date, but if you follow us on Facebook and Twitter (ESMSHS) you’ll get to see all the latest and greatest events.

Ruamrudee International school Bangkok, Thailand
Ruamrudee International school Bangkok, Thailand
Ruamrudee International school Bangkok, Thailand
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Constructive Communication Policy

We are committed to fostering a respectful school culture that enables honest and reflective dialogue. We collectively take responsibility for nurturing a positive learning environment that supports the development of every child’s Head, Hands, and Heart.

Constructive school communication is essential for a healthy school environment. It nurtures empathetic and positive assumptions about all stakeholders in a shared effort toward student success. This policy clarifies what constructive communication looks like at RIS. It also offers parents and faculty guidelines for which communication channels are appropriate and most helpful when looking for information, to attain clarity on a matter, or to address differences of opinion.

Click here to view/download the RIS Constructive Communication Policy

School Campus Map

Ruamrudee International school Bangkok, Thailand