RIS teachers and administrators are dedicated educators who provide a top-quality education and are committed to the moral purpose of our school: to foster character development in students of all faiths and help them to realize their highest potential. By providing a positive learning environment, our faculty members guide children to become ethical, principled individuals. Teachers and administrators are valued stakeholders who consistently contribute their time, energy, and talent to foster the vision and core beliefs of the school community, to the benefit of the entire school.

RIS teachers and faculty are expected to be

  • collaborative team members
  • knowledgeable and up to date in their content area/field of expertise
  • technologically literate
  • competent using a variety of strategies to meet curricular outcomes
  • demonstrate strategies that accommodate different learning styles and abilities

Ongoing professional development related to teaching and learning—and sharing what is learned with colleagues—is an integral part of the ethos of RIS. Teachers receive an annual professional development allowance and a monthly professional growth stipend to further their education, develop new skills, and learn about and apply developments in best practices in teaching and learning.

Candidates for teaching positions at RIS are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree, current in-field certification, and at least two years of experience in a K–12 school preferred. New teachers recruited at overseas job fairs are asked to sign an initial 2-year contract, which can be extended thereafter on a yearly basis. One-year or single-semester contracts may be offered when hiring locally or for short-term replacements. All contracts are reviewed when the term of employment ends.

Ruamrudee International School offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including a relocation allowance, monthly housing stipend, health insurance, round-trip airfare home for the whole family, tuition discount, maternity and paternity leave, an optional payroll savings plan, and a signing bonus for overseas recruits who enter a full-time 2-year teaching contract.

We encourage potential candidates to read our Recruitment Brochure to learn more about RIS, including further details of our benefits package.

If RIS sounds like the right fit for you, we invite you to apply for an available position per the instructions below. You can also find us at one of the following international recruitment fairs:

  • ISS Bangkok
  • Search Bangkok
  • Search London
  • ISS Boston
  • ISS Atlanta
  • Search Cambridge
  • University of Northern Iowa

Employment Opportunities for 2018–2019

For the teaching positions below, candidates should email the following documents* to our Human Resources department:

  • Résumé, transcript(s), credential(s)/current certification(s)
  • A YouTube link of class instruction and/or other evidence that demonstrates your professional knowledge, learning environment, and instructional delivery

* NOTE: All documents should be combined into a single PDF file.

Teaching Positions


Non-Teaching Positions

School-Wide Positions

Candidates for the administrative positions below should email the following documents* to Dan Smith, Head of School:

  • Résumé, transcript(s)
  • Credential/current certification(s)

* NOTE: All documents should be combined into a single PDF file.

Administrative Positions

RIS Handbook