English Language Development

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way" (By Frank Smith)

Ruamrudee International School Bangkok, Thailand

Why study the English language?

The English Language Development Program (ELDP) at Ruamrudee International School recognizes that one of the top priorities for a quality international education is the attainment of skilled English fluency. English language learners have designated levels of proficiency from beginner to advanced, and each level requires matched instructional strategies to facilitate rapid skills development. At RIS, students are immersed in a rich English-speaking environment and are selectively enrolled in core mainstream subjects to provide frequent opportunities for interaction with classmates and teachers. Students also receive individualized assistance in study support classes to facilitate academic success.

At RIS, pull-out classes, study support classes, and push-in support services are strategically applied to meet English learners’ needs. Pull-out or sheltered classes provide specialized learning time where content instruction and English skills development are closely integrated. Study support classes provide students with opportunities to review core subject lessons and units of study, to engage in core subject vocabulary building, and to receive assistance with assignments. Push-in support focuses on providing English language learners with in-class assistance in mainstream classes.

For tracking progress, MAP NWEA testing is utilized to document progress in English skills development. Students who progress to higher proficiency levels receive adapted curriculum and assessment accommodations based on individual needs throughout the year. In addition, candidates are identified for possible exit from the ELDP and entry into the full mainstream program.

Elementary School

The ELDP in elementary school utilizes a push-in and pull-out model. The majority of ELD support occurs in mainstream classrooms with in-class support provided by ELD teachers in collaboration with homeroom teachers. Pull-out lessons provide specialized learning time to reinforce understanding of key concepts, to pre-teach and/or re-teach essential vocabulary, to scaffold reading lessons, and to build knowledge of essential language skills.

Middle School

The ELDP in middle school utilizes sheltered classes, study support classes, and in-class push-in support to address English learners’ needs.

English classes and science classes are sheltered, providing a learning environment where content and language are closely linked for optimal English language development. In addition, sheltered classes run parallel to mainstream classes, so students can enter the mainstream more easily in the future. ELD students study and master the same essential units of study as mainstream students, thereby providing a solid foundation of common background knowledge in preparation for possible exit from the ELDP.

Study support classes provide additional time for extending learning or re-teaching key concepts, for studying core subject vocabulary, and for receiving assistance with mainstream assignments. In addition, push-in or in-class support is available for social studies classes and mathematics classes.

High School

The ELDP in high school utilizes sheltered classes, study support classes and in-class push-in services to address English learners’ needs.

ELD English classes in high school are sheltered and mirror mainstream English language arts classes in Grades 9 - 10, so learners can move to the mainstream more easily when appropriate. Sheltered Social Studies classes are available depending on students’ needs, and run in parallel with the mainstream grade-level classes with the same essential units of study, so English language learners have matched background knowledge.

Study support classes provide English learners with assistance to reinforce understanding, to study core subject vocabulary, and to receive assistance with core subject assignments. In high school, study support classes are offered for English, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, push-in or in-class support is available for social studies classes and science classes.

ELD students in Grades 11 - 12 enroll in IB English B Standard Level or Higher Level courses, which offer RIS students rigorous and widely recognized IB curriculum as offered by top IB schools in the world. In addition, as indicated by proficiency level, Grade 11 - 12 students may also enroll in IB English B 11 or IB English B 12 support classes, which provide additional instructional support for accelerated English skills development.