Elementary School

Elementary School

We take pride in the nurturing learning environment we provide our children.

  • Our highly qualified and experienced teachers, 76% of whom hold Masters or Doctoral degrees, support developmental needs while reaching your child’s greatest academic success.
  • Our standards-based curriculum focuses on building core knowledge and skills, while providing opportunities for your child to grow emotionally and socially to become a well rounded and responsible global citizen.
  • Our community remains focused on your child’s academic success from day one through high school and enrollment in university.
  • Data shows that joining our community at a younger age will result in greater academic success for your child.

RIS’s Elementary School provides a student centered learning environment that will nurture your child both academically and socially. Our students are recognized for their strong academic achievement as well as for their development as responsible and caring citizens. We provide a rigorous curriculum based on best practices which integrate “Readers and Writers Workshop” in a balanced literacy model. The core of this model is inquiry-based science and math with a focus on critical thinking, skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

We pride ourselves on building a learning community that encourages students to work together and to support each other through collaborative learning. We will assist your child in developing a compassionate and empathetic spirit, and actively contribute to making each day better than the day before. From an early age, learning within an international community will enable your child to build the social skills and relationships necessary in an ever-changing world.

Beyond the core lessons in math, reading, writing, science and social studies, your child will be given daily opportunities to experience visual art, performing art, physical education, Thai and values courses as well as being introduced to skills and lessons in health and wellness.

Elementary School

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