College Counseling

Each year, over 200 colleges and universities from around the world visit RIS to recruit our students. College representatives recognize the individuality and academic excellence of our students and often provide wonderful feedback, such as "We love RIS students!” and “The RIS students we accept are always hard-working, intelligent and a pleasure to get to know."

As a student’s individual personality, skills, and aspirations help set them apart from their peers and are central to their college applications, we encourage each child to learn as much about themselves before researching colleges. With self-reflection and careful decision-making, students will succeed in selecting university programs that best fit them and their personal goals.

At Ruamrudee International School, we provide our students with exceptional support and resources to gain admission to universities that best fit their individual needs. All students and families are encouraged to utilize all the assets made available by the counseling office and their individual counselor.

Pupil Services is dedicated to assisting young people in their social, moral and educational development. Comprised of counselors, psychologists, special education teachers, health and support personnel, the department encourages close cooperation between the school and families in providing opportunities for our students. Both parents and students are urged to consult with Pupil Services personnel and to use the department's services when required. We encourage early intervention in academic, behavioral and emotional difficulties.

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University Representatives

Welcome to the Ruamrudee International School Counseling Office! Thank you for your interest in our incredible students. We are now using RepVisits to schedule our appointments. If you would like to schedule a campus visit to meet with our students and introduce them to your college/university, please go to the RepVisits website.

College Counseling

Note: The only time to schedule a school visit and meet with students is from 12:30-1:30, which is during our High School students' lunch break (12:45-1:25). Upon arrival, representatives usually meet with the counselors during the first 15 minutes, then with any interested students afterward. A table will be set up for you in the breezeway, close to the High School building and Canteen area, where you will have maximum exposure to all High School students during their lunch break. Although a bit warm, this set-up appears to benefit both the reps and the students.

Upon arrival at RIS Campus
Once you enter Ramkamhaeng 184, RIS campus is another 2.5 km at the end of the road. When you arrive at the campus, enter through Gate 4 (reception), then go straight through the parking lot towards Gate 7 which is nearest to the High School building. Park near gate 7, and exchange ID card with security staff of gate 7. Walk straight down the sidewalk and turn right at the awning and then an immediate right up the stairs. The HS Counseling Office is on the first floor of the High School building, room H105.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:
Mary Lancaster
Secretary, High School Counseling Office
Tel (local): 02 791 8900 ext. 281 or 324 Tel (int'l): 662 791 8900

Ms. Eva Tavares (Students: A-Kim)
Mr. Brett Arnold (Students: Kin-R)
Ms. Joael Kelly
(Students: S-Z)
Mr. Tawan Waengsothorn
(Thai College Counselor)

Helpful information for University Representatives