Middle School

RIS Middle School

Our Middle School community is the best place for your child to prepare for high school:

  • Our 21st Century Learning builds your child’s digital citizenship with a 1:1 student to technology model.
  • Our highly experienced native-English speaking teachers work in teams to best support your child’s academic and social development.
  • Your child will engage in project based learning and assessments to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for the IB diploma and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • Your child joining our community will best prepare them for future academic success in high school and university.

With a dynamic American-based curriculum, we strive to ensure every child is challenged to grow on a daily basis. We offer a traditional core of academic courses – Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Our students also take a full year of Physical Education with Health embedded at each grade level. Thai language courses are offered for both native and non-native speakers along with other world languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Performing and Visual Art classes include Drama Choir, Band, General Art, 3-D Art and Design Technology. The school also offers a wide range of exploratory classes such as Photography, 21st Century Skills, Media Broadcasting and Yearbook. Additionally, there are several leadership opportunities for students to participate in, such as service learning activities, Student Council, and World Scholar's Cup. These additional classes provide our students the opportunity to discover their individual potential and interests. Furthermore, all Middle School courses are enhanced by a 1:1 student-to-device laptop environment.

Our highly experienced teachers and administrators believe the middle school years are critical to a student’s development as they are a transition time bridging elementary to high school. Therefore, we focus on individualizing students' learning experiences to ensure continued success in their high school years.