This Program of Studies is an important resource for planning your high school course of study as well as preparing for university entrance. It includes all the information you need to plan your four-year high school career at RIS. All students should complete the four-year planner on page 15 of this guide. The following people and websites can also assist in your planning:

1. For information on Advanced Placement courses, visit and contact the AP Coordinator, Ms. Hedda Joy Tady-Tan (
2. For information on the International Baccalaureate Program, visit and contact the IB Coordinator, Mr. Timothy Pettine (
3. For general college and career planning, contact your assigned High School Counselor.
4. For advice on Thai universities, contact the Thai College Counselor, Mr. Tawan Waengsothorn (

Ruamrudee International school Bangkok, Thailand

All students in grades 8–11 are given a detailed Program of Studies to help make informed choices about their academic pathway and the courses they wish to take. Students are encouraged to share this information with their parents and to spend time consulting with teachers and counselors whenever possible about specific classes.