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Summer School

Summer school is a three-week program that focuses on literacy, math, and English language learning. Summer school teachers are RIS’ very own certified, experienced faculty members, who develop engaging schedules for each day. 


In the mornings, students typically have reading, math, science, English language, and PE. The afternoon schedule often includes electives such as yoga, cooking, games, exploring iMovie, and building with LEGO®.

The goal for summer school in the ES is to provide a fun academic learning experience. Students focus on literacy instruction, developmentally appropriate math lessons, and take part in enjoyable and engaging electives.


MS students enjoy a variety of activities in summer school where their learning can be applied, along with direct instruction. STEM projects—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—give students opportunities to build small machines, grow organic gardens, design new sports, or construct projects of their own choosing. Students may also create art projects and take part in PE activities.


The HS summer program gives older RIS students opportunities to further strengthen established skills, accelerate prior learning, and move to the next level of understanding. With a wide array of courses offered across the HS curriculum, students enjoy the luxury of selecting classes that best support their educational goals for the summer and the school year to come. Students may also choose a required elective course during the summer, such as PE or Values, to free up a credit hour during the upcoming school year for an even more rigorous class schedule.