Technology & Learning


Ruamrudee International School is committed to a world where learners equipped with critical thinking and high concept aptitudes engage in meeting the needs of the global community through innovation, collaboration, and a sense of purpose.

To this end, Ruamrudee applies a wide range of technology to support teaching and learning. Technology, as a tool for learning and connectivity, supports Ruamrudee International School’s commitment to student achievement, professional practice, and the core values reflected in our mission. Technology at RIS:

  • Supports the aims of an IB WORLD SCHOOL in developing students who exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile and who are able to interact, create, and contribute in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Fosters learning through connectivity, creativity, and collaboration that is student centered. Utilize methods and approaches that support individual learning and broader understanding.
  • Hones the skills, capabilities, and fluencies of the individual learner through innovative curriculum and differentiated instruction. Learning through technology has the disruptive potential to intrinsically motivate learners and empower them to be innovators in their areas of expertise.
  • Shapes our community and enhance our ability to affect the world around us. Technology integration will develop Digital Citizens proficient in multiple literacies and multiple modes of communication that foster self-directed learning and empathy.
  • Empowers our students to take a critical role in their learning by utilizing individual choice, appropriate aptitudes, and authentic voice.