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Since 1957, RIS has been known for its excellence in education. That’s six decades—and counting.


A culture of collaboration, innovation, and ambition create an exceptional learning environment for the entire RIS community. RIS teachers often state their admiration for their students. The feeling is mutual—RIS alumni look back with fond memories and nostalgia.


Service learning is at the heart of the RIS community and the foundation of several of the school’s clubs and programs. With a deliberate focus on building students’ awareness of—and delivering practical help for—those in need, RIS’ contributions in the arena of service act as an exemplar for many other international schools.


As one of the few schools in Southeast Asia to offer both Advanced Placement (AP) classes and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program, RIS students achieve some of the highest IB and AP results, not only in Thailand but far exceeding world averages. High school students can currently choose from 47 IB classes and 17 AP classes. RIS students are consistently accepted to many of the world’s top universities and colleges. Recent graduates have gone to Harvard, Yale, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and University College London, among others.


Athletics is a key aspect of an RIS education in all three school sections. RIS has 60 sports teams, many of which compete in both domestic and international athletic competitions. Art, drama, dance, and music are taught across the curriculum, and RIS provides a variety of opportunities for students to explore and develop their creativity, imagination, and self- expression


On average, teachers stay at RIS for 7.5 years—one of the highest retention rates for international schools. RIS teachers have earned degrees and certificates from prestigious universities and colleges all over the world, and 72% of faculty hold masters degrees or PhDs. Teachers are also encouraged and paid to pursue professional growth experiences to enhance teaching and learning at RIS.


RIS teachers are committed to developing their instructional craft through innovative strategies and modern technology solutions. Each faculty member receives a MacBook Pro, and the student device program supports authentic digital experiences at all grade levels, starting in Pre-K with iPads. By grade 3, every student uses a Chromebook in the classroom, and from grade 6 on, students use their own laptops in virtually every class.


The English Language Development and Learning Support departments at RIS ensure that all students receive an appropriate balance of challenge and support.


Students who live on campus enjoy a caring, inclusive, student-centered environment. Living on campus allows more time for academics and the wide variety of dynamic extracurricular activities on offer at RIS. Students at Seelos become part of the boarding community—a version of “family away from home”—with an open-minded, diverse group of students and staff that encourages personal development, collaboration, and social responsibility.

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Located in the eastern suburbs of Bangkok, the verdant 29-acre RIS Minburi campus is less than half an hour from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and is supported by a thriving local community. With separate buildings for each section, an artificial turf, an Olympic FINA-standard pool, multiple courts, and two libraries, RIS offers a full range of vibrant educational opportunities. State-of-the-art facilities include 21st- century learning spaces, a recording studio, a culinary arts center, Makerspaces, and robotics lab.