Seelos Residence is a small on-campus boarding facility, staffed by qualified teachers who offer a caring, inclusive, and student-centered environment. Students receive daily academic support in study hall and are provided with math and science tutors weekly. Living on campus gives students more time for academics but also allows them to become involved in the wide variety of dynamic extracurricular activities on offer.

Students have access to RIS facilities in their free time as well as to diverse organized outings around Bangkok on weekends. The staff at Seelos promote and celebrate academic success, as well as encourage personal development, collaboration, and social responsibility through the Duke of Edinburgh program.

What some of our Residence students say about life at Seelos:

"It has been about half a year since I moved to Seelos Residence. Because I was new to this school, I was scared that I would get depressed and lonely since I was separated from my family. However, the staff and students at Seelos were very friendly and welcoming, so I could easily adjust to the new environment and settle in without any problems. 

I am so grateful that they helped me and gave me advice, although I was very shy and quiet at first. I thank them for making me open up and giving me chances to communicate and befriend many people from various nationalities. Living in Seelos helped me gain so many priceless experiences, such as valuable relationships that I built with the people here.

By living in Seelos, I learned that the dorm was different from what I thought it would be like. I was scared and nervous at first, because I thought it wouldn’t be such a friendly environment, and it wouldn’t feel like a true home. Now that I’ve been living here for a almost a year, I realize that my worries were unnecessary. I’ve had a really positive experience, and I would recommend the dorm to anyone.

After everything I’ve experienced here, I can truly say that I am thankful for the dorm staff and the community with all my heart, and I am so grateful to be part of the Seelos family."
Stella Lee

“It is wonderful to live in the dorm, surrounded by good friends and caring teachers and staff. We are a new family, a ‘home away from home.’ The wonderful atmosphere keeps us from missing loved ones. Living closely with friends from different countries, we are able to share experiences, learn about and understand different cultures, and even pick up a few words of other languages.” 
Sangay, Bhutan

“The dorm has, in a way, helped me mature. It has taught me to be more self-reliant, more independent, and to how to self-manage. Living at the dorm has allowed me to learn how to more efficiently manage my time, spreading out homework, free time, and sleep. In study hall, we have access to teachers from school who help with homework or reviewing for tests and exams, which is extremely helpful. Dorm life is also fun, with weekend outings offering a time to relax and eat with friends. Dorm rooms are also spacious, giving you room to make yourself comfortable.” 
Ben, Thailand

For further details, please see the Benefits of Boarding at RIS.

Meet our Residence Staff


Mrs. Alex Powell, Residence Coordinator

I am an Australian who grew up in Australia but was also a boarder a long way from my home for six years. My two daughters were also weekly boarders at the school I attended. I come to Seelos with experience of being a boarder and being the parent of boarders. This will be my fifth year working in a boarding department, so I also know the ups and downs of living away from home and will be sure to help all the boarders settle into boarding life here at RIS. I worked at a British boarding school here in Thailand for the past two years and love living in Bangkok. I have managed to travel quite a lot over the past two years and look forward to more travel in Thailand.

Ms Chan

Ms Chan, Houseparent

Supporting students and staff in every way at RIS gives me great happiness. I enjoy sharing my Thai culture with foreign students and helping all students feel at home as much as possible. I have two grown sons and a young daughter who keeps me busy with her activities. My passions are cooking and gardening. I enjoy working with teens and feel happy to have a good connection with them here at Seelos.  

Timothy Seelos

Mr Timothy, Houseparent

I grew up in a boarding school, so I spare no effort working with the Residence staff to create a second home for the students. I was born in China but grew up and went to school in the UK since I was 15. Apart from working and studying, I love to travel. I have been to 27 countries, and the number keeps increasing every year. Thailand is one of my favorites, especially the food! I love the steamed chicken with rice from street (khao man gai). I work out regularly to keep myself healthy and fit. The smile my students’ faces makes me happy as well.

For more information or to arrange a tour of The Residence @ Seelos Hall, please contact Ms. Patty Hughes, by email or phone + 66 (0)2 791 8900 or +66 (0)61 847 0555.


Ruamrudee International Transportation Bangkok Thailand

RIS works in conjunction with MONTRI Transport Corporation to help families arrange safe and comfortable bus transportation between home and school. Their shuttle service is offered throughout Bangkok and surrounding areas, but is not guaranteed to cover all districts. Transportation costs and payments are managed directly through MONTRI.

All MONTRI bus drivers and monitors are required to participate in training programs in order to meet strict safety and reliability standards. The company prides itself on offering the highest level of school bus services by making sure that

- All vans and buses are inspected according to established procedures
- Seatbelts are installed on all buses
- All drivers undergo strict alcohol checks
- CCTV is installed to control speed limit and ensure that safety standards are met
- Insurance is provided for all student bus riders

Further details are available at the MONTRI Office, open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am–6:00 pm.

Call: 02 906 0160–5, 02 919 9901–2, 02 517 9203–5


MRT Orange Line (projected completion date: January 2021)

Ruamrudee International Transportation Bangkok Thailand 

RIS students and families will soon have the option to travel to our school campus via the MRT. The new 22-kilometer section of the Orange Line will run from the Thailand Cultural Center to Suwinthawong Road, comprising a total of 17 stations. This new line will have a station at our street address (Ramkhamhaeng 184).

The 10 underground stations will be:

Thailand Cultural Centre Station
MRTA Station
Praditmanutham Station
Ramkhamhaeng 12 Station
Ramkhamhaeng University Station
Rajamangala Station
Hua Mak Station
Lam Sali Station
Sri Burapha Station
Khlong Ban Ma Station

The 7 elevated stations will be:

Sammakorn Station
Nom Klao Station
Phatthana Station
Min Phatthana Station
Kheha Ramkhamhaeng Station (Ramkhamhaeng 184) – RIS
Min Buri Station
Suwinthawong Station

Construction of the new MRT Orange Line has begun and is projected to be complete in January 2021. The new line is expected to be ready for service the same year.