Frequently Asked Questions

As you will learn by exploring our website, there are countless reasons that this is an exciting time to be a part of Ruamrudee International School. We’re eager to show you the people, programs, and facilities of which we are so proud. Please take full advantage of the extensive information about our great school on this site and then come see us.

We stand ready in the admission office to answer your questions and to welcome you for a visit, the best way to get a true sense of what makes RIS, RIS. Our strengths lie in our vibrant student body and richly experienced faculty, both of which you can experience fully by coming to see us. We look forward to seeing you and to staying in touch. In the meantime, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How is RIS different from other international schools in Bangkok?
Ruamrudee International School (RIS) is one of Thailand’s oldest and most trusted schools. Located on a beautiful, 29-acre campus, in a safe, clean-air suburb of Bangkok, the rich academic tradition of Ruamrudee International school spans six decades. Ruamrudee, a Thai word meaning “Union of Hearts”, perfectly captures our philosophy of welcoming all children in an environment of care and concern. Our foundational focus on values, character education, and global citizenship, along with a challenging and stimulating academic environment, prepare our graduates for success in the 21st century with all of its accompanying technological, sociological and creative challenges.

RIS is a private, not for profit, independent school and was one of the first WASC accredited schools in Thailand. Based on the reality that students learn best with programs which provide challenges suiting their ability, achievement, motivation and interest, RIS offers students a choice between the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Advanced Placement program and modified American curriculum. SAT and TOEFL preparatory courses for high school are offered as well. Our IB and AP graduates consistently score well above world averages and have a long history of attending prestigious universities worldwide. RIS faculty represent prestigious colleges and universities from around the world, with over 76% holding a Master’s degree or higher.

My child’s native language is not English. Will there be support as my child continues to develop English language skills?
Yes. The English Language Development Program (ELDP) at Ruamrudee International School recognizes that one of the top priorities for a quality international education is the attainment of skilled English fluency. English language learners have designated levels of proficiency from beginner to advanced, and each level requires matched instructional strategies to facilitate rapid skills development. At RIS, students are immersed in a rich English-speaking environment and are selectively enrolled in core mainstream subjects to provide frequent opportunities for interaction with classmates and teachers. Students also receive individualized assistance in study support classes to facilitate academic success.

Does RIS support children with special needs?
Pupil Services is dedicated to assisting young people in their social, moral, and educational development. Comprised of counselors, psychologists, special education teachers, and health and support personnel, the department encourages close cooperation between the school and families in providing opportunities for our students. Both parents and students are urged to consult with Pupil Services personnel and to use the department's services when required. We encourage early intervention when confronting academic, behavioral, and emotional difficulties.

What is the average class size, and maximum number of students per class?
We recognize the need to maintain a student-teacher ratio that offers maximum opportunities for instruction and learning. In principle, the maximum number of students per class is as follows:

Grade Level

# of Students

PreK 3

12 students

PreK 4

16 students


18 students

Grade 1

20 students

Grade 2

22 students

Grades 3 – 4

22 students

Grade 5

22 students

Grades 6 – 8

25 students

Grades 9 – 12

25 students

Where do most RIS students come from? Does RIS have nationality caps?
We have students from more than 25 nationalities all over the world. The majority of our students are Thai nationals, followed by Americans, Indians, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Koreans.

When does the academic school year starts?
Our Academic Year runs from mid-August to early June, and is divided into two semesters: August – December, and January – June.

Does RIS offer boarding?
Yes, we have apartment-like dorms for students from Grade 7. The dorm is located right in the center of our safe, beautifully landscaped 29-acre clean-air campus.

Is RIS a Catholic school? What if my child is not Catholic?
RIS was founded and is still operated by the Redemptorist Priests of Thailand; therefore, a Catholic School. However, students of all faiths attend. The Redemptorists have always believed in the power of education and began RIS to serve the growing need of their Bangkok parish’s expat community in the late 50’s. In its inception, the priests wanted to create a school where a whole child could grow - focusing on academic excellence and character development. Through this lens, RIS encourages students to reflect on what drives them to make their community and the world a better place for others. RIS offers Catholic religion classes for students who are Catholic while offering parallel Values classes for non-Catholic students encouraging them to reflect on their personal development and how their actions impact others.


How can I apply to RIS?
Please visit our website at Details of the admissions procedure is listed on the website. RIS has an online application form that allows parents to submit all supporting documents. For more details, please feel contact RIS Admissions Office by email at or by phone at +66(0) -2-791-8900 ext. 378 or 134.

May I come and see the campus before applying to RIS?
Of course! We welcome your visit. Please book an appointment with us by filling out an online request form available at Campus tours are readily available on regular school days between 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If these times are inconvenient, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

What are some important dates for admissions?
RIS Academic Years is from beginning of August to early June. We divide the year into two semesters:

  • Semester 1: early August to mid-December
  • Semester 2: early January to early June
  • Summer School: June (3 weeks)
  • School Closed: July

If you are applying for August enrollment:
Application form available from mid-October to May
Admissions Test Period: February to May (late applicant may be tested in late July)
Registration Period (after acceptance): mid-April to July

If you are applying for January enrollment:
Application form available from February to December
Admissions Test Period: mid-August to December
Registration Period (after acceptance): September to December

Please note that RIS does accept mid-year enrollment as long as there is vacancy. For all students, Grades 9 – 12, we advise parents against moving mid-course.

Is there required admissions testing for my child?
Once all documents have been submitted, the Admissions Office will contact parents to schedule an Admissions Test. Prior to the testing appointment, a one-time, non-refundable Admissions Testing Fee of 4,000 Baht (per child) will be charged. The receipt of payment is required before testing begins.

PreK 2 – Grade 1: Student will sit in a screening session, which includes observation and assessment of the child’s language and communication skills and behavior, as well as a parent interview with the Director of Pupil Services. One or both parents must be present for this session.

Grades 2 – 10: Students will sit for Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in Reading and Mathematics, plus RIS Writing test. Students are not allowed to use calculators or dictionaries for these tests.

Grades 11 – 12: Students will sit for Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT) in Reading Comprehension, in addition to RIS Writing Test and Mathematics Test. Students are not allowed to use calculators or dictionaries for these tests.

English Language Development (ELD) Students: Students who have not been attending an international school for a minimum of 3 years, where English is the language of instruction, will sit for WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (WAPT), which covers Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing, administered by ELD faculty member.

Learning Support Students: The RIS Special Needs Program is based on the reality that students vary in their ability, achievement, motivation, interest, and that individuals learn best with programs that provide challenges in a supportive and stimulating environment. The program is designed to help all students develop the skills to access the general school curriculum. Individual student needs are met in the regular classroom with support provided in the form of Special Needs teachers and subject teachers working collaboratively. Those without current (within the previous 12 months) psychological testing results will need to undergo a psychological or educational evaluation by RIS psychologist.

Will my child have difficulty making the transition from another school system?
Transferring from a school one loves may be a big step forward for children. We have students joining us from many different schools from across the world. Our teachers are skilled at ensuring the transition to be as smooth as possible. Due to differences in school curricula, there may be gaps or overlaps in academic content, but these will be quickly identified and addressed.


How much is the school fee?
Please see the fee structure available at

Is financial aid / scholarship available?
Yes, we do. Please contact Admissions Office for more information.


What does RIS offer?
RIS offers a challenging modified American curriculum to over 1,200 students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. RIS is one of the few schools to offer the IB and AP programs, as well as SAT and TOEFL preparatory courses.

What foreign languages can my child learn?
RIS offers the following foreign languages from Grade 6: French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Thai. Language classes are divided into different levels from beginners to advanced. In addition, Thai for foreigners in high school is offered as an online course.

Some languages classes are offered after school for Elementary students as part of our Extended Day Program (EDP). EDP courses are optional courses that are subject to change each semester based on teacher’s availability.

What co-curricular activities are offered?
RIS offers many activity-based programs as an optional course for all students as part of our Extended Day Program (EDP). Courses engage students in fun activities within a safe environment contributing to the growth and development of the whole child. Many of these activities build teamwork and unlock students’ hidden talents. The wide range of activities introduces students to a variety of choices that can inspire creativity, artistic expression, and a sense of personal accomplishment. Courses offered each semester vary. Activities include sports, visual arts, performing arts, creative curriculum, language classes, and many more.


How long is the school day?
RIS starts the day at 7:10 a.m. and classes end at 2:40 p.m. All after school activities start at 3:00 p.m. and end no later than 5:00 p.m. We expect all students to be off campus by 5:30 p.m.

Where and what will my student eat while on campus?
RIS boasts an extensive canteen that offers nearly 20 different food options from Western pizza and sandwiches to Traditional Thai, Sushi, or Korean bibimbap. Students use their school ID card to purchase their lunch and/or snacks on a daily basis. Our students in PreK 3 to Grade 1 eat in the elementary canteen with choices from a set lunch menu. The smaller canteen ensures that we can encourage healthy eating habits as well as providing a smaller and more familiar environment for our younger students. Grade 2 to Grade 5 students have an option to order set lunch, or buy their own food at our canteen. Otherwise students purchase food on their own. All sections have different lunch times so as to ensure younger students do not get lost in a sea of older students.

How will my child get to school?
RIS works in conjunction with Montri Transportation Services to help families arrange transport to and from school if needed. Transportation costs and payments are managed directly by Montri.

Will my child wear a uniform at RIS?
RIS students are expected to wear uniforms to school on a daily basis and to meet the general uniform expectations. Elementary students may wear their Physical Education (PE) uniforms on the days they have PE classes. All uniform items including pants, skirts, shirts, and shorts are available from our Uniform Store at average prices of ฿250-฿370 per item.