RIS seeks students who are exceptional in academics and the visual and performing arts, as well as students from non-represented and underrepresented nations. Scholarships are available for students new to RIS for the 2020–2021 academic year. Also available are scholarships based on financial need.

Here are the specific requirements and conditions for each type of scholarship.

To apply for an Academic or Visual/Performing Arts scholarship, you and your child must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the online application (not required for current RIS students)
  2. Submit three confidential letters of recommendation (2 from current teachers and 1 from an administrator) (Administrator reference not required for current RIS students)
  3. Submit an essay on future aspirations and goals (maximum of 500 words)
  4. Sit an entrance exam (not required for current RIS students)
  5. Attend a selection interview/audition
  6. Current RIS students: Submit the above documents to the School Advancement Office in a sealed envelope on which you have written your name and grade no later than March 27, 2020. The envelope must be dated and signed by School Advancement personnel.

Click here for the requirements for each type of scholarship.