Ruamrudee International Transportation Bangkok Thailand

RIS works in conjunction with MONTRI Transport Corporation to help families arrange safe and comfortable bus transportation between home and school. Their shuttle service is offered throughout Bangkok and surrounding areas, but is not guaranteed to cover all districts. Transportation costs and payments are managed directly through MONTRI.

All MONTRI bus drivers and monitors are required to participate in training programs in order to meet strict safety and reliability standards. The company prides itself on offering the highest level of school bus services by making sure that

  • All vans and buses are inspected according to established procedures
  • Seatbelts are installed on all buses
  • All drivers undergo strict alcohol checks
  • CCTV is installed to control speed limit and ensure that safety standards are met
  • Insurance is provided for all student bus riders

Further details are available at the MONTRI Office, open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am–6:00 pm.


Call: 02 906 0160–5, 02 919 9901–2, 02 517 9203–5


MRT Orange Line (projected completion date: January 2021)

Ruamrudee International Transportation Bangkok Thailand 

RIS students and families will soon have the option to travel to our school campus via the MRT. The new 22-kilometer section of the Orange Line will run from the Thailand Cultural Center to Suwinthawong Road, comprising a total of 17 stations. This new line will have a station at our street address (Ramkhamhaeng 184).

The 10 underground stations will be:

Thailand Cultural Centre Station

MRTA Station

Praditmanutham Station

Ramkhamhaeng 12 Station

Ramkhamhaeng University Station

Rajamangala Station

Hua Mak Station

Lam Sali Station

Sri Burapha Station

Khlong Ban Ma Station

The 7 elevated stations will be:

Sammakorn Station

Nom Klao Station

Phatthana Station

Min Phatthana Station

Kheha Ramkhamhaeng Station (Ramkhamhaeng 184) – RIS

Min Buri Station

Suwinthawong Station

Construction of the new MRT Orange Line has begun and is projected to be complete in January 2021. The new line is expected to be ready for service the same year.