Welcome to Ruamrudee International School! We are delighted you have chosen RIS for your child’s education and look forward to involving your family in our school community.

Entering a new school can be an exciting, busy and sometimes stressful experience, and we want to make your adjustment to RIS as smooth as possible. For your convenience, please find links below to the registration packet, which must be completed and signed prior to registration. In order to expedite the process, we also ask that you complete the following steps prior to registration.

  1. Arrange school payment with the Finance Office. Please include a copy of the payment receipt, including the student’s name and grade, with your completed registration package. Alternatively, a copy of the pay-in slip/payment document can also be faxed, within the deadline (Finance Office Fax: 0-2518-0879). Please refer to the invoice for payment details.
  2. Schedule a Health Check Up and have the Student Health Data Form signed and completed by a physician. The signed form must be included in the registration package.
  3. After the payment and health checkup have been completed, contact the Admissions Office, Redeemer Building (ext. 378,134) to set up an appointment for registration. Please bring all completed forms, including the school payment fee slip and signed health form.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office, Redeemer Building (ext. 378,134).

Click on the titles below to download the forms: