Alumni News & Events

Alumni Sports Day

For the first time, several alumni from the Class of 2001 organized an Alumni Sports Day at Godbout Hall on Saturday, November 21, 2015, followed by dinner together at Audrey's Cafe & Bistro at Thonglor Soi 11.

Over 40 alumni from classes of 1997-2004 competed in basketball, volleyball, and soccer matches against each other and then did a trip down memory lane by walking through the high school corridors looking for their senior lockers.

They look forward to making this an annual event, especially next school year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of RIS.

1960's -1980's Grand Reunion

Ever since our first RIS Grand Reunion was organized in 2000, the Alumni Reunion Committee has made a promise to organize one every 5 years. For the past three years it has become so popular, this year we had to separate the event to cover 3 decades each.

On July 11th, the 1960's-1980's organized theirs beneath the theme of a “Homecoming Dance Reunion” with the event taking place at the brand new Redeemer Hall located at the old campus on Soi Ruamrudee. Everyone was encouraged to dress up to reflect the time period and a Homecoming King & Queen to be voted for the first time.

307 alumni, with almost half of them flying in from their current overseas homes attended this fun-filled evening with entertainment provided by our very own alumni bands and DJ, buffet dinner, and lots of door prizes. As usual, Fr. Leo Travis and all our retired teachers were invited as VIP guests and it was wonderful to see many of them attend such as Mrs. Nancy, Mrs. Agatha, Mrs. Mohan, Mrs. Juliana, Mrs. Achara, Ms. Supanne, Mr. Nipon, Mrs. Mars, Mr. Somkiat, Mrs. Elsa, Mrs. Corazon and Mrs. See.

A wonderful gallery of photos from the 60's -80's was put together and displayed in the foyer for everyone to take a walk down memory lane before entering the ballroom.

The night ended with everyone standing in front of the stage with candle in hand to sing "One Little Candle" together. As people were leaving, they were making plans to continue with the evening and the next few days to make it one of the best reunions ever.

Thank you everybody for your part in making the Reunion a big success. We couldn't have asked for more. The ambiance was great, the MC's did a great job, the music was fantastic, the food was good, attendance was above expectations, and everyone enjoyed themselves, even the teachers were dancing! What is most gratifying is finding renewed friendships from those days oh so long ago. We took it upon ourselves to make this happen and we did with a Big Bang! Thank you so much for all your efforts! Special thanks to Martina and her team who put in long hours to create magic, and then found energy to belt out those great songs! The registration team hardly had time to eat and the greeters had their hands full with the steady stream of guests. And all chipped in to get friends to come and to make tonight a most memorable night! Thank you so much.

Anne Kulathida Sivayathorn, Class of 1965,Reunion Committee