Dr. Jim O’Malley

“At RIS, we live by the Principles of the Phoenix (PoPs)—our heads, hands, and hearts. As a school, academics obviously play a significant role in everything we do, and our students are some of the most academically responsible students I’ve known. They take pride in their schoolwork and never cease to amaze me. While there are several components that fit into our head principle, the obvious would be our students’ academic talents.

For the hands principle of our PoPs, there seems to be never-ending opportunities for our students to compete in athletics, activities, and our extended day program. When I consider the heart principle, I think of all the service-oriented club activities and countless other ways our students choose to give back to the community. You can always find RIS students making a difference!

After the students, what I admire about RIS are the incredibly talented teachers. They are passionate about what they do, constantly looking for the best ways to engage our students in learning and dedicated to providing the best learning environment.

There is truly an ideal track for just about every student at RIS. If you are wondering if RIS is the right fit for you and your family, come see our school in action. Trust me, stopping by will certainly help you make the decision to join RIS. I could not be more proud to be part of it!”