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Nicole Theriault

Multi-platinum award-winning Thai recording artist, actress and activist

“I attended RIS from Grades 1 to 12, only leaving to attend middle school abroad for two years. I was also baptized and received Holy Communion at Holy Redeemer Church at the former RIS campus. I have the most vivid and fondest memories of all my teachers and friends who played such a crucial part in my formative years. RIS was not just a school, but it was a home away from home for my friends and me. We still keep in touch and meet up at least once a year. As our 30-year graduation reunion approaches, we are planning the big day with great excitement in our chat group which consists of at least fifty friends! Finally, had it not been for the yearly talent shows that allowed me to find my love for singing and performing on that stage, I might never have gotten to be a singer. Performing in school prepared me for the career that I love so much. Thank you, RIS. I’m your biggest fan, and I’m proud to be an RIS alumna!”