ATK Requirement

All RIS students, parents, faculty and staff entering the campus are required to do ATK testing (from home) and submit their negative COVID-19 test results. For submission days and deadlines, […]

Easter Egg Hunt

Annual EducatoryX Club Fundraiser – Members of the EducatoryX Club are excited to announce their annual Easter Event for elementary school children from KG to grade 5 on Tuesday, April […]

Instant Pain Relief

Bestseller in Holistic Medicine – RIS alumna Shalini Joshi Yamdagni from the Class of 1988 is an international expert in pain relief and now a best-selling author with her newly-released […]

Soi Dog Club

Movie Fundraiser for Grades 2 to 5 – Soi Dog Club is hosting an after-school movie fundraiser on March 30 from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the ES Multipurpose Room […]

Amnesty International Club

Ukraine Awareness Fundraiser – The RIS Amnesty International Club will be hosting a fundraiser from March 21 to 24, 2022, to raise awareness for the current situation in Ukraine. An […]

ConnectED Thailand University Fair

The RIS HS Counseling Office is excited to invite students in grades 9 to 11, as well as their parents, to participate in the upcoming ConnectED Thailand University Fair on […]

EcoMerits Collection Bins

Now Available at Gates 5 & 8 – The EcoMerits Club has placed collection bins at both Gate 5 and Gate 8, as well as the canteen, for drop-off of […]

Little Einsteins

Workshop Fundraiser (for Grades 1 – 5) – An IB CAS group, the pH-7 Project, offered an after-school ‘Little Einsteins’ workshop fundraiser on March 21 for students in Grades 1 […]

Online Safety During COVID

RIS Student Support – COVID-19 continues to require our children to spend more time online. Being connected helps them reduce the impact of COVID-19 and encourages them to continue with […]

Celebrating Achievements in ELD

with Archawin, Pumpui & Chomnaphat The ELD (English Language Development) program at RIS is tailored to meet the specific needs of students at different ages and developmental stages. In elementary […]