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Between the Roots

BTR Goes on Their First Service-Learning Trip

Congratulations to a new student-led committee at RIS, Between the Roots (BTR), on their first-ever service-learning trip! 🌳BTR seeks to advocate for sustainable living, promote renewable energy, and support English education in rural Thai schools. ✅ In November 2023, the 26 student-pioneers of BTR did just that!

BTR donated ฿12,000 to help fund a biogas balloon for Pa Deng Village in the province of Phetchaburi. (A biogas balloon is an environmentally-friendly, renewable energy source produced by the breakdown of food scraps and animal waste.) 💡The village chief told the students: “One hour of your work today just provided ten years worth of renewable energy for this household!” 🫶

The committee also supported educational material and lunches for the children at the Naresuan Ban Huasook Border Patrol Police School. 🏫👏 Kudos to their chaperones, Dr. Nathan Meisner, Mr. Skylar LePoidevin, and Ms. Susana Soccoro for chaperoning, and to Ms. Brittany Redd for advising and assisting the committee. 🌱

For more on Between the Roots, follow their Instagram at @btr.ris