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Bookmarks & Snack Sale

All the grades 1 to 5 students from Ms. Zoi’s Values classes have volunteered to make handmade bookmarks at school which will be laminated and sold for 20 baht each at a sale from May 30 to June 2. Not only does this help raise some money, it also encourages student creativity and promotes reading books—especially over the summer!

The students would have liked to also sell some snacks and sweets, but unfortunately, homemade items are not allowed due to COVID precautions. Instead, our students are donating various kinds of store-bought snacks, chips, and candy to be sold. Although parents are welcome to donate individual snacks themselves, it is recommended that parents from the same homeroom join in small groups to donate together. Students should drop off item directly in Ms. Zoi’s room.

All money raised from the bookmarks, snacks, and clothing will go towards sponsoring the building of a refreshment shop for the older children at the Baan Nokkamin Foundation, where they can learn to make various coffee, tea, fruit drinks and snacks to sell for extra income for school supplies. Cash donations are also welcome to help reach our goal of 30,000 baht.