Clinic Services


The Clinic is staffed by registered nurses who provide primary health care for our school community. Our nurses identify the individual needs of each student who attends the Clinic to decide whether to provide treatment in the Clinic and allow the child to return to class or rest in the Clinic or to contact parents to recommend that the child should rest at home or be taken to the hospital if more urgent care is required.

Clinic staff put together medical history lists for all sections keeping track of the medical conditions, medication and food allergies, parental instructions, etc. of identified students to provide informed care and a safe diet. This information is communicated to the school canteen and to the hospital if that is where the student is directed.

The Clinic provides health checks for cold and flu and diseases such as HFMD. The Head Nurse will consult with the Thai Ministry of Public Health to seek guidance for the school in these matters on how to manage the spread of infectious illness at school. Flu vaccinations are provided at school each year.

The Clinic will liaise with the sections and families to manage the administration of prescribed medication for students.

The Clinic also provides first aid care for sports matches, special events, field trips, etc. upon request.