Coping with Screen Fatigue

As schools engage in online learning due to city lockdowns and campus closures, it’s no surprise that many students find themselves stressed by their daily amount of screen time. Many […]

HS Students Help Australia Bushfire Victims

– An interview with Ching Ching, Risha, and Nampueng, Grade 10 – Ching Ching, Risha, Nampueng, Opal, and Wha Wha are a group of smart, dedicated, and compassionate high school […]

High School Spirit Week and Games Day

–by Ms. Shirley Gamble– One of the first projects that this years’ Student Council worked very hard on was HS Spirit Week, which was held from September 24–27, 2019. The […]

AP Seminar: A New Research Course in HS

–by Mr. Jeff Gepner and Ms. Elisia Brodeur– RIS introduced a new class in high school this year: AP Seminar, the first year of the AP Capstone™ Diploma program from […]

HS Senior Success Stories

–by Elisia Brodeur– Before their final exams began, the HS junior class gathered to hear 13 seniors talk about their experiences applying to and being accepted into college. These particular […]

HS Knowledge Bowl and Spirit Week

February 11th–15th was this year’s High School Spirit Week, which saw students dressing up in a range of themes to express their school spirit and earn grade-level points. This year’s […]

Season 1 All-School Sports Assembly

Just before the break, RIS had a rousing assembly to celebrate and honor our many student athletes who participated in Season 1 RIS sports.  From our youngest players on the […]