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Charity Fun Run for Baan Nok Kamin

After being put on hold for the past three years, the annual Fun Run & Mini-Marathon for Baan Nok Kamin made a triumphant return on Sunday morning, November 13, 2022! The annual charity ‘Fun Run’ kicked off at 6:00 a.m. with members of the RIS community—ranging from faculty and staff members to students—as well as other running enthusiasts all taking part in the event.

RIS faculty, staff and students who joined the run raised money for the Baan Nok Kamin orphans through donation pledges from other RIS community members who supported them as runners. Two races were held that ran the length of Soi Ramkhamhaeng 184—a 5-kilometer lap and a double lap of 10 kilometers. Participants who walked the race dressed up in theme as superheroes, enjoying selfies and the feel-good vibes of the much-missed charity event.

Ms. Shirley Gamble, RIS’ HS Student Life & Activities Coordinator and Service Learning Coordinator announced that the RIS community members who volunteered for the race raised a total of 50,000 baht in sponsorship pledges. In addition, 86 high school students in the ROTC program, who also signed up to run, donated an additional 43,000 baht.

“A total of 93,000 baht was raised for the Baan Nok Kamin orphans’ educational fund!” shared a beaming Ms. Shirley. “Thank you to everyone who made a donation pledge to help sponsor our volunteers. I am so very proud of our RIS community, especially those 173 students, faculty and staff members, and parents who volunteered to come to school on a Sunday morning for a great cause!”