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Alumni Parents Tuition

Tuition Reduction for Alumni Parents

RIS offers tuition fee reductions for alumni parents who wish to enroll their children in RIS. The rates vary depending on the cumulative number of years an alumnus/alumna attended RIS. In the event that both parents of a child are alumni, the rate would defer to the parent with the higher tenure. However, an additional 5% reduction will be added to their alumni parents reduction rate.

Number of Years of Attendance of an AlumnusReduction Rate per child
12 plus years
(Pre-Ks/Grade 1 to Grade 12)
9 to 11 years
(any grade)
6 to 8 years
(any grade)
3 to 5 years
(any grade)
1 to 2 years
(any grade)

If an alumnus/alumna is eligible for a 30% alumni reduction rate as well as other reduction rates, aid or scholarships, they may choose to apply to only one.

Alumni parents wishing to apply this tuition reduction are encouraged to contact the Registrar in the Admissions Office to help confirm attendance via school records.

Scholarship Conditions

  • Students need to have a grade-point average of 2.75 or above and/or equivalent standardized test results. 
  • Students should display qualities of character and maturity.
  • In all cases, a student may lose his/her scholarship for the subsequent academic year if the stated requirements are not maintained. Serious breaches of discipline will result in the immediate termination of financial aid offered through a scholarship for the remainder of the academic year.