St. Thomas Aquinas Church

This small chapel, or oratory, was named after the Patron Saint of Father Thomas Griffith, C.Ss.R., the founder of Ruamrudee International School. It was first opened to serve a small group of Catholics when the Redemptorist Fathers moved Ruamrudee International School to Minburi in 1992.

Later, the Redemptorist Fathers decided to build a larger church for the RIS Catholic community, and for Catholics who wished to come for Sunday Mass and Mother of Perpetual Help Services on Wednesday. The new St. Thomas Church was officially opened and blessed by Cardinal Meechai Kitbunchu in 2002. Fr. Chuchart Srivichairatana, C.Ss.R., was named as the first pastor of this church. (See below for further details on the history of the church.)

St. Thomas Aquinas Church serves the RIS community with Masses. An all-school Mass usually takes place on the first Thursday of each month. Father Meechai Udomdej, C.Ss.R., the Superior of Saint John Neumann Community in Minburi, is the current pastor.    

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Mass Schedules at St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Saturday: 7:00 pm (Thai)

Sunday: 8:30 am (Thai), 10:00 am (English), and 11:15 am (Thai)

Mass Schedules at St. Mary Chapel (on campus)

Monday–Friday: 6:45 am (English)

Church Inside Bw

A Brief History

1992 — The Redemptorist Fathers started building the new RIS campus in Minburi. Fr. Griffith was the director of the school.

1993 — On August 24, 1993, Fr. Griffith passed away. A few weeks later (September 1993), the new RIS campus was officially                    opened and blessed.

        — We opened a small RIS chapel on the 2nd floor of the Administration building and celebrated Masses for teachers and                    staff.   

        — Fr. Chuck was appointed as the Director of RIS.

        — Fr. Banchong was elected as the VP.

1994 — We had added another two Masses in Thai on Sundays to serve the growing number of Catholics living near the school.

         — About 150 people came to church every Sunday.

1995 — Fr. Banchong, the VP, asked permission to officially open a church for the school.

 1996 — Cardinal Meechai gave his official permission to open a church at RIS on April 23.

         — Fr. Travis was appointed as the first Rector of the Minburi Community and Director of RIS on March 5. 

1999 — Construction of the new school chapel began

2002 — The new chapel building was completed. Carinal Meechai approved and opened it under the name St. Thomas Aquinas                  Oratory, giving honor to Fr. Griffith as his patron saint.

        — The official blessing of St. Thomas Aquinas Oratory took place on January 5 by Cardinal Meechai Kitboonchu.

        — Fr. John Chanchart was appointed as the first pastor on July 1.

        — This Oratory was under the Bangkok Diocese.