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8 RIS Students Receive Thai National Youth Awards!

The RIS motto ‘Ad Astra’ encourages every student to aim for the best, not only in their education but also in their personal & spiritual growth… 🌠 This year, RIS is exceedingly proud to announce that 8 of our high school students—yes, EIGHT!—have each been awarded a Thai national youth award and recognized for their outstanding academic and professional achievements!

Thai National Youth Award international school

Outstanding Youth Award (เด็กและเยาวชนดีเด่น):

• Phantharach (Tara) Natnithikarat (Co24)

For academic achievements that have helped bring acclaim to Thailand (เด็กและเยาวชนที่นำชื่อเสียงมาสู่ประเทศชาติ ด้านวิชาการ):

• Voraruthai (Belle) Puengchanchaikul (Co24)
• Jirat (Gino) Chiaranaipanich (Co25)

For professional achievements that have helped bring acclaim to Thailand (เด็กและเยาวชนที่นำชื่อเสียงมาสู่ประเทศชาติ ด้านทักษะฝีมือและวิชาชีพ):

• Phasakorn (Ball) Chivatxaranukul (Co24)
• Varittha (Grace) Manorotchaturong (Co24)
• Kritpaul (Ray) Prasattongosoth (Co25)
• Pornprapat (Pan) Jirapojaporn (Co26)
• Nutvarit (Gain) Manorotchaturong (Co27)

The Prime Minister & Minister of Education presided over the awards ceremony. Redemptorist Fathers Fr. Tony Patipon Sub-ananchai, C.Ss.R., and Fr. Visith Sangsavang, C.Ss.R., also visited Government House to show their support for the students and their families on behalf of RIS. ✨

Congratulations to Tara, Belle, Ball, Grace, Gino, Ray, Pan, and Gain! 💙 RIS is proud of you. Keep reachin’ for the stars! 🌠 #RISstudenthighlights#adastraruamrudee #RuamrudeeInternationalSchool #RISMinburi

From left to right: Grace, Ball, Tara, Gino, Fr. Visith, Fr. Tony, Gain, Pan, and Ray (not pictured: Belle)