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Elementary Spring Art Show

Elementary Spring Art Show

By Robin Banks and Aaron Schnittman

The ES Spring Art Show opened in the St. Luke’s Gallery on March 14 and was on display until April 25. The theme was “Process and Progress,” with the goal of highlighting the steps our young RIS artists have taken to develop their artwork.

The PreK 2, 3, and 4 groups explored the clay form and made “elbow pots” and pinch pots. The Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students worked in the “Collage Center,” experiencing all the steps of the creative process, from brainstorming to exploring to practicing, researching, creating, and critiquing. Each of their final pieces of artwork was framed and displayed with their individual “artist statement.”

The 3rd graders displayed moving shadow wheels that they made during the Science Showcase. Our 4th grade students painted self-portraits illustrating a favorite sport, real or imagined. The students in 5th grade made hand-cut woodblock prints. Many of them worked for months to carve their piece of wood using special tools and lots of patience. All of the students wrote reflections about their work and progress.

Several ES classes were taken to explore the gallery so they could see the variety of creative artwork on display. One PreK child was so excited to see an older student’s project about flags that a friendship blossomed from the experience. Check out Kyleigh Pharris’ article, Inspiring a Friendship: How Art Connected Two Young Children, to read about the heartwarming relationship that was kindled by a walk through our ES Spring Art Show.

Students in KG, 1st, and 2nd grade were given the choice to work independently or in groups to create a larger project.