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End of the Year Celebrations

The Closing of the 2021–2022 School Year –

Over the last few months, it seemed as if the RIS Minburi campus regained a bit more normalcy after a two-year absence of in-person events due to the pandemic. With restrictions lifting and students, teachers, staff and parents partaking in the events and traditions that make RIS such a vibrant community, RIS students, teachers, staff and parents had a lot to celebrate and be thankful for, and enjoyed assemblies, performances, concerts, sports events, graduations, and Prom, among others!

“Watching the milestone celebrations that have happened has been a great reminder of how incredible our students are!” shared Head of School Dr. Jim O’Malley in a letter to the community. “We saw our KG students celebrate their move to first grade. We had a beautiful graduation at the Novotel for our Class of 2022. That was followed by our talented 5th graders and their bridging ceremony, welcoming them into middle school. Then, our 8th graders celebrated their big move to high school. We even had the chance to give our 1st graders the celebration they missed last year in KG. The last weeks of school have provided a great opportunity for all of our students to reflect on an interesting year, to say the least!”