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ES Games Days

This year the ES had two Games Days: one just for the PreK and Kindergarten students on Friday, January 18, and a separate day for our students in grades 1–5 on Thursday, January 24.

It was the first year we tried a “carnival style” Games Day, where each student was given a “passport”—a laminated card that they took to each station to be checked off by an adult. They could take a maximum of 3 turns at each station. Students who finished their passports (visited every station) were eligible for a prize. Prizes included extra recess time, lunch with the ES Principal or PE teachers, a variety of art supplies, some toys, and—of course—sparkly slime! The students loved the freedom of movement and being able to go to the different stations with their friends. Several of the stations were very popular, the dunk station in particular! Mr. Dan, Mr. Matt, and Ms. Cris O’Malley all volunteered and were dunked several times, much to the students’ delight. The Tropical Slip n’ Slide was another big favorite and got faster and faster as the day went on.

In an effort to be eco-friendly, students brought their water bottles with them instead of generating a lot of plastic waste. Thanks to all the staff who organized in advance and to the many helpers on both days who worked to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Both days were hugely successful: the kids had a lot of fun while getting plenty of exercise.