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ES MUN Reflections

On February 22, RIS sent 18 ES students to the Model United Nations Conference at the Overseas Family School (OFS) in Singapore. This was our school’s first-ever elementary MUN trip. Organized by Mr. Olivier Fernandez and chaperoned by Dr. Josh, Ms. Tami Weeks, and Ms. Sabrena Baiagern, our 18 ES students were among a total of 286 fourth and fifth graders attending from 8 different international schools.

Here’s what a few of our youngest MUN delegates had to say about the experience:

“I enjoyed the MUN [trip] …mostly because of the fun I had at the meetings. I learned many new things about the topic of endangered animals and about the UN goals. I loved the experience and liked being in a new school and making new friends. I also made closer relationships with the people at RIS and from other schools, having to cooperate with them. I think I did pretty well because I was debating pretty well, although the debating was harder than I thought…. Overall I enjoyed the MUN and I hope to [do] it next year too.”

— by Akarin (Khem) Poolsawat

“I learned so many things from the MUN Conference! Everyone in the committee got to try debating and learned about the job of the delegates…. I also learned how the UN works. If a country has a problem and needs suggestions or help, then that country brings their problem to the Secretary General. Then the Secretary General gives the job to the right group within the UN. After that, the countries meet to debate and suggest solutions.

The topic of our MUN Conference was Endangered Species. We had to do research and write what our country (Norway) thinks about this problem and how our country would solve it. We also researched why the animals were endangered and why they need immediate assistance…. It was an awesome experience, and I look forward to going again in Middle School. Thank you to Mr. Olivier, Dr. Josh, Ms. Sabrena, and Ms. Tami for…creating a memorable lifetime experience!”

— by Chatrawee (Book) Ampanyuth

“My experience at MUNOFS was phenomenal and exciting. I had the chance to make new friends and gain knowledge. I felt very scared on the first day but then I felt more comfortable by the minute…. On the second day, we debated and learned many ways to protect animals. We also had fun and enjoyed our time there. The fifth graders proved that we can do the work that other grades have been doing just as well. Overall this experience was a great one that I will never forget.”

— by Parin (Fa) Pasutharachati