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ES Religion: Recollection Day

–By Sariya (Ahya) Angeles-Ahmed, Grade 4-3–

On Saturday, January 19, most of the students from the grades 3–5 Religion classes of Sr. Gladys gathered together at school for a recollection. Recollection Day is about bringing the Religion students to work together, to learn more about God, and be reminded about the importance of being kind, respectful, caring, mindful, happy, and all the other values that makes up a person of good character. It was a day to learn more about ourselves and others, each other’s values, and a chance to get closer to God through team-building activities and spiritual time.

During our Recollection Day, some of the most important values we learned are to be kind, be thankful, and be appreciative of what we have because there are some people who are not as lucky as us. It was a day of working together as a team and showing respect to each other and most especially to God. We learned this from the activity shared with us by Sr. Micah. We also learned to respect God and to give Him all our thanks. The short videos shared by Fr. David, our main speaker, taught us about kindness, happiness, and helped us realize the unconditional love our parents have for us.

After the sharing, we received the Sacrament of Confession, asking God to forgive our shortcomings and to be determined to become good children, then we thank God in the Sacrament of the Holy Mass, which was presided over by Fr. John. Our day concluded at the Father’s house, where we were invited by a parent to have lunch. Since it was also Father Apisit’s birthday, we merrily sang him the Happy Birthday song and had a bountiful lunch together.

It was a very meaningful and fun day that we spent with ourselves, with others, and, most especially, with God. This Recollection Day made us realize how important it is to be a good person by simply being kind, respectful, mindful, happy, and caring for each other. Not only did our understanding, connection, and respect toward God grow stronger, but we also became closer to God and to others.