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The Elementary School STEM Fair, held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, celebrated the ingenuity and creativity of the young scholars of RIS. 

With a primary focus on the scientific method, engineering design process, and research-based projects, students invested four months of dedicated effort into pursuing topics of their choice. The diversity of project topics was awe-inspiring, ranging from the study of dinosaurs to the creation of healthy popsicles. Throughout the project journey, students developed and refined skills such as hypothesis formation, data collection and analysis, and reflection. 

“We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the participants’ parents, and the Grade 3-5 teachers for encouraging the students and guiding them on their projects,” shared grade 4 teacher Ms. Mina Park. “Also a special shout out to [high school science teacher] Mr. Brian Mellon and his outstanding high school students who generously volunteered their time to assess and judge the projects.”

The organizing team also expressed their appreciation for all the students, staff members, and parents who visited the fair and supported the young scientists, engineers, and researchers—serving as the driving force for RIS students as they continue their academic journey.

Congratulations to the Honorary Winners:  

  • Claire Proudnapas Upatising (Grade 5)
    Engineering Design Project – Creating a Healthy Popsicle
  • Tatt Euanontat Adunpadungsak (Grade 5)
    Scientific Method Project – ‘What type of light does a plant grow best in?’
  • Aim Arthima Techakriengkrai (Grade 4)
    Scientific Method Project – ‘What fruit juice has the most sugar?’
  • Pongboon Punyawit Anantawittayanon (Grade 4)
    Research Based Project –What dinosaurs once lived in Thailand?’