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ES Summer School 2022

Classes & Specials

ES summer school is a safe place for fun and learning, where children build confidence, make new friends, and grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Here, they find their voices, discover new passions, and make memories for a lifetime. In the mornings, students typically have reading, math, science, English language, and P.E. The afternoon schedule often includes art, sports, table tennis, games, crafting, movie making, green screening, chess, yoga and building with LEGO®.

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PRE-K 3, PRE-K 4 & KG

Our young ones will engage in learning about the world around them through nature-based activities that nurture the imagination; encourage art and movement; and foster creativity and social connections. As they “learn by doing” and experiment with new ideas and tools with fun, skill-based, and developmentally-appropriate lessons, topics covered in the past school year will be reinforced and expanded upon!

This expedition of scholastic exploration will also see students riding in a STEAM train of activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) that will spark curiosity, ignite thinking, and strengthen problem-solving skills! Our young ones will learn how to internalize concepts and skills in collaborative and exciting ways! 

As a smaller setting, ES summer school is an amazing opportunity for a more focused learning experience that will help young ones find their voice and continue to learn, socialize and grow. With an emphasis on fun and collaboration, students will be encouraged to enjoy time together instead of in front of computer screens and have opportunities for leading and for passion projects. 

With each day bound to bring a new adventure, summer school students will have the great opportunity to explore writing, reading, literacy, math, science, and other subjects. Students will focus on practicing and consolidating skills individually as well as in groups. Exciting lessons featuring plenty of different games and activities to balance the day and help them build their inner confidence to better express themselves.


Indoor, outdoor, striving for your best. Individual, partners and teams based. By keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit, we will venture out of the classroom and give academia a rest. With our amazing facilities – fields, courts, swimming pools and equipment for all sports – we will play games we love and learn new games. This is a time to make friends, show our leadership skills in a myriad of sports, and take advantage of the amazing weather. Bring your love of sport and your water bottle! 
EMOTIONAL ABCs (Pre-K to Kindergarten)

Emotional ABCs is an evidence-based online curriculum that teaches students how to think through situations, and helps them understand and manage their emotions. Exposing students to these tools and teaching them these skills can lead to a lifetime of better decision-making and success.
MINDFULNESS (Kindergarten to Grade 5)

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness. In this class, students will be provided with the time, space, and tools to learn how to focus on the present, face daily challenges, build self-awareness, and strengthen their self-esteem. 
TABLE TENNIS (Grade 3 onwards)

Table tennis is a great way for students to develop a wide range of abilities, improve spatial awareness, and develop motor skills, concentration, reflexes, and strategy… all while having fun! 

Students will have access to daily SLP sessions that touch on speech sounds, language, social skills, fluency (stuttering), and selective mutism, among others. Research supports that progress is more significant in more frequent and intensive, short-duration sessions, rather than single, longer sessions each week. 

This Thai course for Pre-K 3 and 4 will focus on Thai alphabets and knowing the shapes and sounds of characters. Through a weekly theme book, students will integrate art and crafts with hands-on activities and utilize a variety of sensory skills for a meaningful learning experience 

This Thai course for KG to Grade 5 will see students reading aloud, developing comprehension and story-analysis skills, and participating in creative writing. With a weekly theme book, the class will also integrate arts and crafts with fun, hands-on activities that build a positive outlook on learning Thai. 

P.E. features indoor and outdoor physical activites for ES students. While a fun time for sure, P.E. will also help students in developing their posture, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, movement skills, and physical fitness. 

Designed by Yoga for Kids Thailand, this group yoga exercise activity will focus on the learner’s strength and encourage learners to use their positive energy effectively. Topics such as meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness will be touched on in class, with breathing exercises and at least 10 to 15 yoga poses practiced per time. Students will see how yoga works the brain and improves strength, and empower consciousness through mindful movement.

Designed by Zumba® Fitness, this class is a rockin’, high-energy dance party packed with kid-friendly routines and a perfect opportunity for students to socialize with friends and jam out to their favorite tunes. 

June 13 to July 1, 2022
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
FULL COURSE35,000 baht 
(required for Pre-K, KG & Grade 1) 
2,520 baht
(optional for Grades 2 to 5)
5,000 baht
(refundable upon completion of summer school)