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‘Get Caught Reading’ Month

May is Get Caught Reading Month and RIS teachers and staff will be looking out for students reading during their free time to give out raffle tickets to win hilarious prizes featuring Head Librarian Ms. Natalie Rector!

Tickets will be distributed to students “caught reading” during their free time.

  • 100 total tickets: Ms. Natalie will wear a silly hat all day!
  • 200 total tickets: Ms. Natalie will be in a silly string attack against 5 elementary students drawn from the raffle!
  • 300 total tickets: Ms. Natalie will compete against 5 middle school students drawn from the raffle in a minute-to-win-it contest…
  • 400 total tickets: 5 high school students will get to spray 5 different colors in Ms. Natalie’s hair!
  • BONUS: Double the maximum prize (800 tickets), and Ms. Natalie will do something really silly!

Tickets will be counted throughout May, and students can check the totals on the giant thermometers in either library.

Students who receive a ‘Got Caught Reading’ raffle ticket should complete all the information on it to be considered valid (and include their name; grade; the name of the person who gave their ticket; email) and submit it to Griffith Library. The raffle will be drawn on May 26, and the winning students must come in person to the all-school Zoom assembly on Friday, May 27, to participate! Of course everyone is invited to watch!