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Gr 11 Student Launches Nonprofit: Eyesaver

–By Kritin (Bomb) Vongthongsri– 

A 2016 investigation by the Ministry of Health in Thailand showed that a whopping 72% of primary school-aged children in Thailand are visually impaired. Among the detected conditions, refractive errors and amblyopia, or lazy eye, were most prevalent. Although easily preventable, the past decade has seen an increase in these ocular disabilities, which present dire consequences to health, education, and the economy of Thailand. Left untreated, severe diseases can lead to blindness or even death. Moreover, children who lack proper vision struggle to build a strong academic foundation and often grow up without the skills for a financially stable profession. Unable to afford adequate healthcare, the following generations are affected hereditarily and are forced to repeat the pattern of their predecessor’s lives.

To combat these ocular disorders that plague Thai society, “Eyesaver” was created—a nonprofit organization whose mission is for every child in Thailand to get his or her eyes tested. Eyesaver plans to distribute screening kits to schools all over Thailand. The kits target both refractive errors and amblyopia, serving as a preliminary test that can identify eye defects.

With instructions aimed specifically towards school teachers, institutions can now introduce eyecare programs that most Thai schools lack. Parents of students who are shown to have an eye disorder will be notified of their child’s condition along with the recommended course of action to resolve the issue.

Eyesaver is ready to take action but needs sponsorship to be fully initiated. Each school will require one screening kit, which can test approximately 400 students. Each kit costs around 200 baht (including shipping).

A donation of 200 baht can save 400 children from future hardships they might have to endure. Corporations who sponsor 10,000 baht or more will appear on the kit and will be thanked in Eyesaver conferences and workshops held throughout Thailand. If any parent is reading this and is willing to offer a donation, please contact me by email: or phone: 096 942 5093.

Thank you in advance for your support!Previous

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