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ES Wax Museum

RIS Elementary School was thrilled to revive the beloved tradition of the Biography Wax Museum, where grade 4 students devoted several weeks to meticulously select a biography subject that has made a significant impact on history. 

The impressive roster of biography subjects included notable figures such as Nellie By, Alexander Bell Graham, Rosa Parks, Julius Caesar, and many others! The students then researched and wrote a biography report, complemented by a lapbook. 

In preparation for this grand event, the students worked on perfecting their speaking skills, carefully crafting a script that showcased their linguistic abilities. It is worth mentioning that many talented students even committed their scripts to memory!

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the students who represented their class with exceptional poise, delivering their speeches with confidence,” says grade 4 teacher Ms. Mina Park. “We also extend a special thank you to our fellow teachers, students, parents, and visitors for their unwavering support of the Wax Museum. Your invaluable contributions will be channeled towards our chosen foundation during our next Social Studies Unit—Principles of Economics.”