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HER’s Period Workshop

HER (Health. Equity. Respect.) is a non-profit founded by RIS Class of 2023’s Manyasiri (Pear) Chotbunwong to increase menstrual hygiene accessibility for women and combat the period stigma. In 2022, HER has distributed over 10,000 reusable and FDA-approved sugarcane fiber pads to women across 5 countries, and worked with over 50 young people to partner with 30+ schools and NGOs to fundraise, advocate, and distribute pads.  

In celebration of Women’s History Month, HER is inviting the RIS community to visit the Periods & Women’s Health Exhibition, co-hosted by HER and Vira Care, located at Baan Trok Tua Ngork in Yaowarat.

The purpose of the exhibition is to educate the public about periods, raise awareness about issues related to women’s sexual and mental well-being, and take down the menstrual taboo. HER x Vira Care’s exhibit features artworks that champion the female body, mind, and spirit by award-winning artists Ally Zlatar and Dohee Kwon. HER’s reusable and sugarcane fiber pads and Vira’s special femtech products are also on display. Come wander in our new home for the month and be part of the conversation – let’s stop the stigma together!

Exhibition Date: 
March 4-31, 2023

Operating Time
Wednesday to Sunday, 10:)) a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Baan Trok Tua Ngork (4th floor)

Weekend visitors are encouraged to consider joining one of HER’s free workshops! HER will be hosting in-person workshops on Sunday, March 12 and 26. See below the program of events.

Invite your friends and family! Register here to book a spot.

Limited spaces are available, so early sign-up is encouraged!