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HS Counseling Profile

The RIS high school counseling office advocates that each student learn as much about himself or herself as possible before researching colleges. Students are also encouraged to consult the school’s AP Coordinator and IB Coordinator for information on Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Program courses, respectively. For general college and career planning, students are assisted by their High School Counselor. RIS’ Thai College Counselor is also available for advice specific to Thai universities. 

The individual personalities, skills, and ambitions of students help set them apart from their peers and are central to their college applications. To reach their goals and potential, students are encouraged to find the college that “fits best” and to use all of the assets made available by their individual counselor and the resources of the counseling office in general. Each year, more than 200 colleges and universities from around the world visit the RIS campus to recruit our students. RIS students have been recognized for their individuality and academic excellence, often cited by colleges as “hard-working, intelligent, and a pleasure to get to know.”