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HS Knowledge Bowl and Spirit Week

February 11th–15th was this year’s High School Spirit Week, which saw students dressing up in a range of themes to express their school spirit and earn grade-level points. This year’s themes, determined by the student council, prompted a lot of creativity and a blaze of color. 

Monday was Squad/Twin Day, where students got to “twin/squad up with their BFFs.”

Tuesday was Meme Day. Since anything can technically be a meme, the students needed an image or source of their meme to accompany their outfit. Sticking a meme on their shirt didn’t count. Success was judged on creativity and the closest resemblance to the replicated meme.

Wednesday was LGBTQ Day to show pride for the LGBTQ community. Outfits had to include either all 6 colors of the LGBTQ flag or 3 items of purple clothing.

Thursday was Relationship Status Day, where outfit colors were meant to indicate current relationship status: red or pink for dating/in love, yellow for talking to someone, green for single, and blue for bitter.

Friday was Class Colors for the Knowledge Bowl: Class of 2022 — purple and Grey, Class of 2021 — black and pink, Class of 2020 — red and yellow, and Class of 2019 — green and blue.

The Knowledge Bowl was, as always, a sensational display of imaginative themes, magnificent stage displays, striking costumes, and outstanding performances. This year’s themes were The Galaxy (Freshmen), Ancient Egypt (Sophomores), The Greatest Showman (Juniors), and The Hidden Kingdom (Seniors).

Each team of teachers who represented their respective Classes made an elaborate entrance before taking to the stage for their round of jeopardy-style questions on such topics as capitals of nations, artists’ names, cartoon characters, and general trivia. Our teachers were whip-smart and lightning quick with their answers.

That was followed by each group of Class representatives making their entrance into Godbout preceded by dazzling choreographed dances, gymnastics, music, lights, and props. By the time the seniors took to the stage, the room was buzzing with boisterous energy.

This year saw the introduction of a new element to the Knowledge Bowl called Helping Hands. The student reps had a lucky draw to see which of the Helping Hand strategies they could use, ranging from “phone a teacher” to “doubling the points” for an answer. After a bumpy start because of some technical glitches, the teams took turns dominating the different categories.

After some controversy, the seniors were ultimately declared the winners. Here are the final points:

Knowledge BowlPoints

Congratulations to all the participants and planning crews for another impressive and memorable High School Knowledge Bowl!