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HS Summer School 2022

Courses & Credit

The HS summer program gives older RIS students opportunities to further strengthen established skills, accelerate prior learning, and move to the next level of understanding. With a wide array of courses offered across the HS curriculum, students enjoy the luxury of selecting classes that best support their educational goals for the summer and the school year to come.

Students may choose just a morning or afternoon class, or both (3½ hours each). By selecting a required elective course during the summer, such as P.E. or Values, students can free up a credit hour for the upcoming school year. To receive credit, students must attend all 15 days.

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Ms. Madeleine Bystrom –

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ART (can substitute for Art 1 only)
(morning, afternoon)

Students will learn and apply the elements and principles of art to produce work that reflects their understanding of its concepts. While exploring and experimenting with various techniques and media, students will learn critical-analysis skills to reflect on their process and work. 
0.5 (P/VARTS)
CULINARY ARTS (Heavenly Baked Goods)
(morning, afternoon)

‘Heavenly Baked Goods’ summer course is designed to get students comfortable in using the oven in the kitchen. Students will learn to prepare great baked meals and desserts… then enjoy the food they cook, of course! This might just be their new hobby!
0.5 (ELEC)
(morning, afternoon)

Read! Engage! Converse! Write! Students will participate in classroom tasks and activities that are not productive but enjoyable as well. This class will write down ideas; explore popular and beloved books and texts; discuss them in class; and share the lessons learned from them as well as from each other! 
0.5 (ELEC)
(morning, afternoon)

Students will explore how experiments in science are designed as well as how data is recorded and analysed, so as to make meaningful conclusions! 
0.5 (SCI)
(morning, afternoon)

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of filmmaking by looking at various types of films and exploring specific techniques used by a variety of filmmakers. This class will emphasize hands-on experiences as well as outlets for students to express themselves creatively via short films.
0.5 (ELEC)

This is a short, practical course on how to be self-sufficient when going off to college or learning to live on your own for high school students. Some of the activities will be done on your own at home. Learn how to manage your personal budget, how to keep a room in order, prepare a basic meal (fast!), and how not to burn your clothes with an electric iron! We will also touch on protective behavior while on social media and when living alone. 

Growing a garden is about setting goals, learning how to manage and anticipate challenges, and celebrating results! In this class, you will have to provide for your own materials, such as trowels and some potted soil, among other items (that will be listed by the instructor). This class can also teach students how to appreciate the work done in order to feed the people of the world as well as to contribute to the cycle of life. Let’s grow a garden!  

This course, where both acoustic and electric guitars are welcome, will accommodate beginning and advanced guitar students. Students will learn how to read chord charts, use guitar tabs, and use software such as Garageband®. Students will also have the opportunity to practice writing and recording original songs as well as participate in a group performance at the end of the course.
0.5 (P/VARTS)
(morning, afternoon)

This boot camp course will help develop students’ research skills for internal assessments and extended essays. In this class, students will learn how to write research questions, use research databases, follow style manuals, and start work on a short research project.
(morning, afternoon)

An introduction to the principles of authentic Latin dancing, this dance class will focus around basic body rhythms inherent in Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Cha-Cha-Cha. The class will cover the fundamentals of leading and following, as well as introduce the rich and colorful history and dance patterns for each style. No previous dance experience is required. This course will also help with improving technique, poise, self-confidence and creative ability. 
MULTI-SPORTS (can substitute for P.E. Red or Blue)

This general P.E. course will cover the team sports most associated with the curriculum. Students will learn the structure of games and appropriate rules for the sports covered. Among the sports covered in this summer class are volleyball, softball and basketball.
0.5 (PE)
(morning, afternoon)

This course is an opportunity for those interested in taking psychology next year to be familiar with the terminology and the content and to have a basic understanding of the subject in less time. Students can explore some biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors that influence human behavior while participating in group discussions, analysis of studies, and other activities. 
0.5 (SOC)
(morning, afternoon)

This course is designed to prepare students who have finished (or will take) Spanish 1 and plan to continue their studies in IB Spanish Ab Intio or Spanish 2. Language skills students need for narration and description will continue to be developed in classes that cover topics of current and general interest, including climate, health and technology, social relationships, education, and aspects of Spanish culture.
0.5 (MOD)
(morning, afternoon)

This course is designed to prepare students who have finished (or will take) Spanish 2 – 3 and plan to continue their studies in the IB standard-level or AP Spanish program. Language skills students need for narration and description will continue to be developed in classes that cover topics of current and general interest, including climate, health and technology, social relationships, education, and aspects of Spanish culture. 
0.5 (MOD)

Strength Training will cover all important aspects of personal fitness training, including dieting, overtraining, performance enhancers, types/methods of training, personal safety, exercise programming, and muscle physiology.
0.5 (PE)
(morning, afternoon)

Study Support is a skills-based course to support students who might need to develop time-management skills, note-taking, and other skills needed to manage the different courses taken during the school year.
VALUES 11 (Can replace missing REVA credit)
(morning, afternoon)

This course is concerned with the principles of right and wrong in relation to human action and character. Students will be able to distinguish objective truth from subjective opinion and realize that their personality traits can be used, controlled, and made productive. It also widens students’ awareness to world problems and their responsibility to minimize it.
0.5 (ELEC)

Types of Credits Earned

P/VARTS – Performing or Visual Arts

ELEC – Elective

MOD – Modern Language

PE – Physical Education

SCI – Science

SOC – Social Studies

REVA – Values

June 13 to July 1, 2022
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
FULL COURSE35,000 baht 
HALF-DAY COURSE17,000 baht
(choose between 7:30 to 11:00 a.m.
or 12:00 to 3:30 p.m.) 
5,000 baht
(refundable upon completion of summer school)