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HyCare in Phrae

RIS’ HyCare Club works with the Uttokapat Foundation to help build check dams, provide water filtration systems in rural communities, and ​​educate children in both local communities and rural areas about the importance of water and how to resolve issues related to water. 

During the 2023 December Christmas break, HyCare club members traveled to Phrae in Northern Thailand for a three-day trip to assist in building check dams for the local villagers. The club members also participated in many hands-on activities, such as building two check dams in two locations, designing tie-dyed t-shirts from Hom trees, and even planting trees themselves. 👕🌱

The HyCare Club also donated ฿18,000, a result of their hard work fundraising at school, to help supply and support the building of the check dams.

Kudos to all the members of HyCare for their dedication! Congratulations to all for their efforts and achievements. It’s a blessing to learn new things and gain lifelong experiences while also being able to give back to the community! 💪🏻🩵👏🏻

For more on the HyCare Club, follow their Instagram at @ris_hycare

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