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IB Art Exhibit: “23:59”

–by Pavla Poch–

Through hard work, perseverance, challenges, and triumphs, the Y2 IB Visual Arts students showcased the culmination of their work from the past two years at the launch of their art exhibit, entitled “23:59.” The exhibit was a collection of the students’ artwork created for their IB Visual Art portfolio.

The students were able to get personal with their peers about what they were most proud of and about some of the challenges they faced throughout these past two years. Amy Sabphisal acknowledged that “The last few days before the exhibition were very surreal. I still remember the giddiness I felt when I saw my framed paintings, embedded behind clear glass. I felt like a real practicing artist! And the pride I felt when I saw people observing my work—as if we were in an actual gallery—was indescribable. Additionally, it was very interesting to see how different people interact with the artworks and the questions and interpretations they had. 

One of the things I learned from the exhibition was the importance of thinking critically about how [my] artwork would communicate its meaning. Many of the visitors did not read the descriptions. However, they were still able to understand the artwork because each and every one of us had allocated so much time brainstorming compositions to get the best results possible.”

The IB Art exhibit was a tremendous success, with parents, administrators, teachers, staff, and students from all grade levels attending. The exhibit also had a special visit from a future generation of RIS students: Ms. Lauren’s and Ms. Christine’s PreK 3 classes. The high school artists guided their little friends through the artworks and helped to ignite their curiosity as the 3-year-olds searched to find their favorite pieces and mark them with stickers. It was a great experience for both generations of students, connecting through the common language of art.