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IB Preparation & Success

with Lanterna Education for Students & Parents

Ms. Yi Chng, a former IB Diploma graduate (40 pts) will be visiting RIS on Thursday, February 10 (Day B-2) to give talks about what students can expect from the IB Diploma Program, as well as offer some great tips and tricks to help students reach their highest academic potential.

Ms. Chng has a Masters in Marine Biology from the University of Southampton and currently works with Lanterna Education*, the origins of which began through a CAS project. Ms. Chng’s talks will be focused on IB preparation and success. She is looking forward to bringing her wealth of experience to RIS and meeting students through one of the following sessions:

For Parents of Diploma or Prospective Diploma Students:

7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 822 7766 3196
Passcode: Wmx6nN

For Pre IB Grade 10 (and Grade 9 students):
Flex H408
This session is best suited for Grade 10 students who have selected IB Diploma for 2022 to 2024 or who are taking a majority of IB classes. However, any grade 9 or 10 student is also welcome.

For IB Diploma Y1, Grade 11 students
Lunch H408
This session is best suited for Grade 11 Y1 Diploma students, but all grade 11 students who are enrolled in at least one IB class are welcome.

*Lanterna Education is a group of top IB alumni who specialize in helping IB students worldwide through providing study resources and tuition. The talks are not an endorsement of Lanterna’s services.